A Rapidly Changing Digital World Drives AppSec Reinvention

These 5 Principles Will Help You Survive.

The average number of attacks per company has increased by 31%. What does that mean for you?

Download the report to learn about 5 Key Principles for Modern AppSec:

  1. Meticulous prep and planning
  2. Beyond shift left: Shift smart
  3. The importance of automation
  4. The value of governance
  5. DevSecOps demands cultural change

About Mend.io and AWS
Mend.io’s strategic collaboration with AWS ensures that both open source and custom code applications running on AWS are secured using a remediation-first approach for faster and more confident deployments. Integrations with key AWS services across the application development process simplify app security, making it easier for customers to manage their responsibilities as part of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. The Mend.io solution is available on the AWS Marketplace.