Automated Remediation
for Custom Code

Mend Cure is the first-ever security auto-remediation application designed for custom code.
It eliminates the trade-off between security and speed when releasing software.

Accelerates the Release of Secure Software

Looks as if You Wrote It Yourself

Integrates Into Your DevOps Pipeline

Community Edition: How It Works

Review and accept trusted code fix suggestions at the click of a button as part of your workflow.
Once accepted, the suggestions embedded in your custom code appear as if you wrote them.

A Free-Forever Developer Tool

Simply enter your public repository URL (e.g., and a SARIF file to generate an executable Remediation Report.

Executable Remediation Report

Your customized report includes remediation suggestions for vulnerabilities detected in your public project. Mend Cure provides fix suggestions that automatically remediate vulnerabilities in your code as if you wrote them yourself.

IDE Plugin

All your remediation suggestions are available right in your IDE.

To apply your fix at the click of a button, simply review and accept the proposed secure code.

Mend Cure suggestions are case specific, accurate, and effortless to save you valuable time and promote secure coding. You can even use Mend Cure to learn new remediation methods.

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Cure Your Code