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Bad Lock Security Vulnerabilities

BadLock is a security vulnerability discovered recently on March 22nd in Samba and Windows. Samba is an open source project, under the GNU licenses. It provides a fast file and print services for...

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Top Performing Developers

"The war for developers is hotter than ever these days. Software developers are currently enjoying one of the brightest employment outlooks with unemployment rate less than half of the national..."

The Open Source Revolution

"The open source journey started back in the ‘50s with free software. It had many stops along the way until it became what we know today as open source. Open source finds its roots in the U.S...."

How to Keep Your Top Developers Happy

"Let’s admit: great developers are hard to find. But what if your top-performing developers were to walk up to you today and say that he or she has decided to move on? You'd feel terrible,..."

Are You Aware of Artificial Intelligence Going Open Source?

What started in the 1970’s with the computer system ‘expert system’, continue in the 1990’s with IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ defeating chess world champion Garry Kasparov, turned into a race to dominated...