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PCI Software Security Framework: All You Need to Know

The goal of the PCI Software Security Framework is to provide developers of payment applications better security guidelines while providing the companies using payment applications with better tools to assess the security of the software they are using. In many ways, this framework is similar in intent to the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI...

Hitting Snooze on Alert Fatigue in Application Security

Medical devices, subway car doors, severe weather warnings, heavy machinery, car alarms, software security alerts. They all notify you to indicate that something is wrong so that you can take action to prevent harm. Hospital monitors can detect a wide range of issues, from an incorrect dose of medication to an irregular heartbeat and beyond....

Renovating with Renovate

Renovate was originally created to scratch an internal itch, so we’ve been both enjoying its capabilities and testing them from day one. When people get started or get comfortable with using Renovate, it’s pretty understandable that they might look at the Renovate project itself as a reference user. We’ve put together this post to share how...