The Path to DevSecOps Across Your Microsoft Environments

November 18th,  1 pm – 3 pm ET

Looking to Integrate Security Into Your Microsoft Environments?

Hear from leading industry experts at Microsoft and Mend about their best practices, insights and vision on how to do DevSecOps, the right way, for your Microsoft environment.

Then, we’ll be hosting a one-hour hands-on workshop where you’ll be able to experience how Mend integrates to Microsoft development platforms to alert your developers in real-time within their environments like Visual Studio 2019, Azure Pipelines, Microsoft Edge, Work Items and more.

Abel Wang

Principal Cloud Advocate, DevOps Lead at Microsoft

Juan Alvarez

Application Architect Senior Manager at Accenture

Simone Curzi

CyberSecurity Principal Consultant at Microsoft

Cenk Caglar

National Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Joe Healy

Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Huntley Harris

Senior Customer Engineer at Microsoft

Jeff Martin

Associate VP Product Management at Mend

Wes Godard

Sales Engineer at Mend

Session 1: Industry Experts Panel Discussion
1 pm – 1:30 pm ET

DevSecOps: Shedding Light on Its Present and Future

Industry experts from Microsoft, Accenture and Mend tackle the challenges and opportunities DevSecOps brings for organizations – and where its future is heading.

Session 2: Lighting Talk #1
1:30 pm – 1:45 pm ET

How to Secure Your Code Within Visual Studio 2019

Shift left at its finest – join this lighting talk as our Microsoft advocate discusses the optimal way to integrate security into your Visual Studio environment.

Session 3: Lighting Talk #2
1:45 pm – 2:00 pm ET

How to Integrate Security Testing to your Azure Pipelines

Learn how to “build” in security at the heart of the DevOps pipeline – during the build stage. Our Microsoft advocate will discuss the best ways of integrating security into your Azure Pipelines environment.

Session 4: Hands-On Workshop
2 pm – 3 pm ET

Integrate Security Into Your Microsoft Development Environment

Test, hands-on, how to fuse open source security within a Microsoft environment, using Mend’s native integrations into Azure Pipelines, Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft Edge, Work Items and more. The workshop will also demonstrate best practices for automating workflows and speeding up remediation processes.