How do I configure a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab to manage and install Python dependencies using a virtual environment?

Asked 10 months ago

I'm setting up a CI/CD pipeline for my Python project in GitLab, and I want to ensure that it installs project dependencies within a virtual environment. What steps should I follow to configure this pipeline correctly?

Tomas Jenkins

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Follow these steps to configure a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab that manages and installs Python dependencies:

  1. Create a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file in the root of your repository.
  2. Define your CI/CD pipeline stages and jobs.
  3. Use a Docker image that includes Python and relevant build tools.
  4. Set up a virtual environment within your CI job and activate it.
  5. Install project dependencies using pip within the virtual environment.
  6. Execute your Python tests or application within the virtual environment.
  7. Ensure proper error handling and reporting in case of failures.
  8. Commit and push your `.gitlab-ci.yml` file to trigger the pipeline.

After running the build, make sure to review the build logs and check if there are any issues that may have caused a build failure.

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