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Applications run our digital economy. We keep them safe.

Our revolutionary automated remediation platform is built to support the demanding deadlines of modern application development environments. Simple to use and nearly invisible to developers, Mend technologies improve AppSec outcomes without affecting development deadlines. 


  • Static code analysis identifies security weaknesses in custom code across desktop, web, and mobile applications. 
  • Automated remediation creates pull requests for developers to update their custom code to remove security flaws. Automatically generated recommendations are specific to each line of code, not generic examples.
  • Broad support for 27 different programming languages and various programming frameworks. 
  • Super-easy integration with existing DevOps environment and CI/CD pipeline means developers don’t need to manually configure or trigger the scan. 
  • Unified developer experience inside the code repository shows security alerts and remediation suggestions for custom code as well as open source software.
  • Feature branch scanning determines whether recent code changes introduced new security issues.


  • Software composition analysis identifies open source vulnerabilities in more than 200 different languages, frameworks, and development technologies.
  • Broad language support – With over 200 languages supported, Mend can detect vulnerabilities and licensing issues for a wide range of applications.
  • Automated prioritization with patented reachability path analysis shows you which vulnerabilities can be safely ignored.
  • Automated remediation creates pull requests that let developers update to the recommended open source package with a single click.
  • Merge confidence provides crowd-sourced statistics showing likelihood that a dependency update could break a project.
  • SBOM creation – Create and export software bills of material (SBOM) in standard formats to comply with government requirements or customer requests.
  • Open source license compliance gives legal teams visibility and control over open source license usage.
  • Stop malicious packages – Detect and eliminate malicious packages in your existing code base and block them from entering new applications with Mend’s 360° Malicious Package Protection.
  • Multiple SDLC integration points including the browser, IDE, repository, package managers, build tools, CI servers, and other AppSec testing tools.
  • One-step repo integrations scan code automatically and show results in near-real time — before developers have moved on to new tasks. 

MEND Supply Chain Defender

  • Blocks attacks by preventing the installation of malicious packages before they have any chance to attack your developers, CI, and production.
  • Protects against typosquatting, malicious takeovers, ATO attacks, makefile pollution, bitcoin mining, accidental injections, botnet code injections, environment and credential stealing, viruses, package tampering, brandjacking, and dependency confusion.
  • Integrates early into the software development life cycle using package manager and registry plugins.