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Mend Renovate is an open source tool for developers and DevOps that automatically creates pull requests (PRs) for dependency updates. Our PRs embed all the information you need to keep open source, internal, and cloud-native dependencies up to date with the latest versions—improving security, maintainability, and overall functionality.

Mend SCA gives organizations full visibility and control over open source usage and security—and makes it easy for developers to remediate open source risk directly from the tools they already use. It can issue real-time alerts with automatic remediation capabilities, or even proactively block malicious packages and licensing violations.

Using state-of-the-art reachability analysis, Mend Container extends key features of Mend SCA into your container runtime environment and adds entirely new areas of security risk detection and mitigation unique to cloud-native applications.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is the frontline tool for finding security vulnerabilities in custom code. Mend SAST is a breakthrough product that lets enterprise application developers create new applications quickly, without sacrificing security.

Mend AI gives security teams clear visibility into the AI models being used in their applications by providing coverage for all 350k+ AI models indexed in Hugging Face. Mend AI provides the licensing of each AI model found so compliance teams can ensure their organization is protected from legal risk.

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