Mend SCA

End-to-end open source risk management

Mend Software Composition Analysis (SCA) helps enterprises manage and control the security and compliance risks that come with using open source libraries.

We help leading enterprises build mature, proactive AppSec programs

How Mend SCA helps you manage risk
across your open source dependencies

Advanced reachability analysis

As soon as Mend SCA has identified vulnerable dependencies, it produces a call graph that clearly shows whether your code reaches the vulnerable functions in your direct and transitive dependencies, or not.

Prioritize remediation with laser focus, save precious time, and breathe easy knowing you’re shielded from real threats.

Risk-based prioritization

Mend SCA goes beyond CVSS scores, analyzing reachability and exploitability for a risk-based view.

It also weaves in CVSS 4.0 – to allow you to move beyond theoretical risk and understand the risk in the context of your application specifically.

License compliance

Ensure your open source dependencies comply with your legal requirements.

Mend SCA maps identified dependencies to one of over 2,700 licenses tracked in our database – giving you an accurate risk assessment per license.

Allowing you to enforce licensing policies with white listing or black listing open source licenses, or quickly generate open source due diligence reports.

Stop malicious packages

Don’t let hidden threats lurk in your code. Mend SCA goes beyond the surface, sniffing out malicious packages like protestware, data stealers, and crypto miners with unmatched accuracy.

Our unique detection methods and expert security research team ensure you’re shielded from even the most cleverly disguised threats. Secure your code, protect your users, and stop malicious actors in their tracks with Mend SCA.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Mend SCA lets you compile an accurate SBOM of all your dependencies, giving you the full picture of all open source libraries and dependencies present.

You can easily export your SBOM in NTIA-compliant formats such as SPDX and CycloneDX.

Mend SCA data sheet

With Mend SCA, you get –

Actionable remediation suggestions

Container images scanning

Malicious packages support

Includes Mend Renovate

Support for more than 200 languages

Advanced reporting and policies

Stop playing defense against alerts.
Start building a proactive AppSec program.

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