Mend SCA: Open Source Software
Management Made Simple

Mend advanced technology makes it easy to develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility.

Automated Policy Enforcement

With native integration into all environments, Mend enforces policies automatically, spotting problems before they surface or remediating as soon as they are detected.

Automated prioritization

Mend’s patented reachability path analysis shows you which vulnerabilities can be safely ignored either because the libraries are not used by your application or not used in a manner that exposes the vulnerabilities.

Automated Remediation

Create pull requests that let developers update to the recommended open source package with a single click.

Merge Confidence

Provides crowd-sourced statistics showing likelihood that a dependency update will break a project.

Open Source License Compliance

Gives legal teams visibility and control over open source license usage.

One-step Repo Integrations

Scan code automatically and show results in near-real time — before developers have moved on to new tasks.

Multiple SDLC Integration Points

Including the browser, IDE, repository, package managers, build tools, CI servers, and other AppSec testing tools.

Software Bill of Materials

Track components in the latest build of every version you deploy.

Wide Coverage

MEND SCA identifies open source vulnerabilities in more than 200 different languages.

Want to See How We Do It?

Simplifying Open Source Management


View your components, their vulnerabilities, licenses, and dependencies all in one place for easier monitoring.


Understand the impact of each vulnerability so you can easily choose the best course of action.


All the power of Mend is incredibly easy to use thanks to its clean, simplified UI.

Make Life Easy For Your Developers

Discover a simpler way for developers to secure their software and accelerate development.

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