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Mend SCA

The Gold Standard for Open Source Security

The world’s largest organizations use Mend SCA to find and fix vulnerable open source dependencies, comply with license policies, and prevent malicious open source software from entering their code base.

Mend SCA: Autopilot for AppSec

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Remediation focused

Reduce MTTR by 80% with automatic remediation that really works.

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Total open source protection

Enhance security with open source licensing policy enforcement and malicious package blocking.

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Scalable & adoptable

100% adoption for open source security across every developer and application.

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SBOMs made simple

Get a full picture of your open source dependencies with SBOMs in standard formats.

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No more false positives

Reachability path analysis detects which vulnerabilities could make an impact – and which can be ignored.

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Multiple integration points

Secure your applications at multiple points in the SDLC, including repo and IDE integrations.

Shift left, done right.

Mend SCA integrates seamlessly into the repositories, registries, IDEs, package managers, and build tools your developers are already using. With no need to log in to other tools, Mend SCA keeps developer burdens low and satisfaction high.

Every developer. Every open source package. (Yes, Really.)

Software composition analysis (SCA) tools work by scanning your open source software for known vulnerabilities. Maximizing value from your SCA solution starts with full, organization-wide adoption. is the only SCA tool built to give security teams total control over open source usage across the entire organization. Using, you can enforce policies across all your developers and applications to eliminate open source licensing risks and update vulnerable packages.

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Stop malicious packages.

Impostor open source packages with malicious payloads represent a growing threat, some capable of exfiltrating data or deleting files. Detect and eliminate malicious packages in your existing code base and block them from entering new applications with’s 360° Malicious Package Protection.

Merge safely.
Don’t break the build.

Remediating vulnerable dependencies can create new risks: will the updated version break your build? With Mend SCA, you can update without the anxiety: Merge Confidence scoring enables you to identify which versions of a dependency can be safely merged without causing a break.

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Critical Vulnerabilites? Piece of cake.

Critical vulnerabilities represent lost sleep and lost productivity for security teams. If you’re tired of putting other tasks on hold to identify vulnerable dependencies whenever new critical vulnerabilities are discovered, Mend SCA can help. Our customers can identify every impacted application and remediate within hours – so your teams can get back on track faster.

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