Open Source Security

Automatically detect, prioritize, and remediate your open source security vulnerabilities at every stage of the software development life cycle.

The widespread adoption of open source means an increase in open source security vulnerabilities. Because these security vulnerabilities are disclosed publicly, they are prime targets for hackers. If you’re not regularly managing your open source components and all their dependencies, your organization is at risk.

The open source community is decentralized by nature, and finding information about vulnerabilities is difficult and varies by project. To reduce risk, enterprises need visibility into their open source use. Managing open source security at scale requires a solution that goes beyond detection to focus on the prioritization, remediation, and prevention of open source vulnerabilities.

Detection, Prioritization, and Remediation

Secure your enterprise by looking beyond just detection to focus on prioritizing and remediating your open source security vulnerabilities.

Stages of open source security - detection, prioritization, and remediation.


Mend identifies and prioritizes the most critical open source security vulnerabilities so you can fix what matters most first. 

Mend Priority Scoring is an innovative approach to prioritization that combines perceived risks from both security and non-security metrics. It is the first and only automated remediation solution to factor in business impact as part of overall vulnerability scoring. Mend Priority Scoring allows you to create automated policies for vulnerability remediation based on threat, impact, and fix. 


Assess vulnerability severity (CVSS score) and whether a vulnerability is called by proprietary code.


Evaluate the potential business impact of a vulnerability, such as whether financial data or PII could be exposed.


Determine whether a fix is available and ease of remediation.

Priority Scoring allows you to make informed decisions and implement automated risk-based policies so that the biggest overall threats to your business are remediated first.



Fix security vulnerabilities with one click using automatically generated pull requests that identify the latest version of open source components.

Remediate Faster with Automated Workflows – Enforce automated remediation policies to fix vulnerable open source components, including newly disclosed vulnerabilities. 

Fix with One-Click – Maximize productivity with auto-generated, real-time pull requests that make fixing a vulnerable open source component as easy as a single click.

Merge with Confidence – Update your dependencies and prevent regression errors with a high degree of accuracy that a component is safe to apply and won’t break your code.


Secure Your SDLC with Native Integrations

Give developers and security professionals the tools they need to manage open source security from within their native development environments.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities in Real-time