Continuous code scanning

Scan. Fix. Secure.

Identify potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors in your codebase, allowing you to fix them before attackers can exploit them.

Developer frustration

High false positives. Lack of context. Long learning curve. Using SAST tools can aggravate developers, as they spend time investigating and potentially fixing non-critical issues.

To minimize these challenges:

  • Choose a repo-centric tool, which alerts devs within their environment, reducing context switching and frustration.
  • Opt for tools which offer fast and prioritized results to help your devs focus on recent issues, keeping developers informed without information overload.
  • Ensure comprehensive information within the repo, including info on the vulnerable code, data flows and training resources.

Implementation issues

Some SAST tools might have specific requirements for how the code is built or packaged, while other tool scans take too long or require manual intervention after each run. It all adds up to delays in the development process.

To minimize these challenges:

  • Opt for SAST tools with native integrations, offer plugins, or provide APIs for easy integration.
  • Evaluate scan duration for efficient scanning capabilities that minimize delays in the development pipeline.
  • Look for tools offering options for incremental scans or focusing on specific code changes.
  • Cloud-based solutions are more scalable and easier to integrate. Security concerns can be solved with local scanning in a hybrid solution.

Fragmented visibility

Security teams often struggle to get clear visibility due to low developers’ adoption and integration challenges. Moreover, configuring many SAST tools to minimize false positives and prioritize actionable findings takes significant time.

To minimize these challenges:

  • Choose tools that provide a unified view of application risk across various environments and integrate with other security tools, streamlining security processes.
  • Look for tools with advanced filtering and prioritization options, allowing you to prioritize findings without relying on professional services.

Global Shipping and Mailing Company uses Mend SAST

See why their product security team appreciates the significant savings offers on infrastructure costs compared to its previous SAST solution.

“When they used to run scans, they’d get 25 high severity vulnerabilities and 15 mediums. Now we get, at most, one or two high vulnerabilities, and they have a business case for the ones they have.”

– Company Product Security Architect

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Keep your source code safe with Mend SAST

Mend SAST scans code and prioritizes fixes 10x faster than traditional scanners, enabling you to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your source code faster than ever.

Delivers near-time results

Mend SAST gives developers results 10x faster than traditional scanners and serves it to them directly in their repositories – to focus their attention on fixing critical vulnerabilities.

Data flow consolidation

Mend SAST merges related findings into one alert for developers. Cutting down the noise and overwhelm, and resolving multiple issues at the same time by concentrating on the root cause.

On-prem scanning or private cloud

With Mend SAST your source code never leaves your premises. You can scan your code on-prem and send it to the cloud for analysis or use your own cloud server for scanning.

Repo-centric approach

Mend SAST offers a native integration to GitHub and BitBucket repositories offering alerts, vulnerable code information and training materials in the repo.

Research Report – ESG Report: Optimizing
Application Security Effectiveness

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