Mend AI

AI models security and compliance solution

An extension of Mend SCA, Mend AI identifies AI models and AI-generated code in your applications so you can stay clear of potential security and compliance risks.

We help leading enterprises build mature, proactive AppSec programs

How Mend AI helps you identify
and secure AI-generated code

AI model compliance

Build secure AI-powered applications with confidence.

Mend AI analyzed over 350,000 pre-trained models to help your teams uncover hidden security risks, licensing concerns, and versioning challenges. Focus on innovation and not security or compliance audits.

License compatibility and compliance

AI models are often trained on vast datasets which can include pre-existing, open-source codebases with varying licenses – and sometimes even proprietary code. Meaning the code it generates may blend between multiple different elements, each with different licensing terms.

Mend AI has indexed publicly available, pre-trained LLM models so companies can surface relevant information on the models they’re using and avoid issues with license compatibility and compliance.

Mend AI data sheet

With Mend AI, you get –

Malicious packages detection

Versioning information

Licensing data

Easy integration with 3rd party tools and platforms

Security insights


Stop playing defense against alerts.
Start building a proactive AppSec program.

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