Generate a detailed SBOM in a single click

Track all your software components, dependencies, and their relationships by creating a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials in moments.

Software development is dynamic. SBOMs aren’t.

With different teams using different tools, tech, and open source software packages that are updated all the time, maintaining an accurate SBOM is incredibly difficult.

  • There are so many moving parts to stay on top of – from identifying all open source dependencies, to continuously tracking and monitoring them for changes and updates.
  • It’s nearly impossible to track components and versions manually without human error, but there’s too much at stake if automations aren’t set up correctly.

Safeguarding software and ensuring compliance with an accurate SBOM

Learn how Kärcher used Mend SCA to identify all the issues within the company’s software supply chain, block major vulnerabilities, and deploy fixes.

“No other solution has such a fine-grained view of what’s in an application or in the components of an infrastructure, so using Mend is a really great experience for our team.”

– Torsten Mezger, DevOps Architect

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Know exactly where you stand with your open source dependencies.

Mend’s Software Composition Analysis (SCA) automatically generates an accurate and deeply comprehensive SBOM of all your open source dependencies to help you ensure your software is secure and compliant.

Identifies and tracks dependencies

Mend SCA analyzes your code to identify, list, and track all open source dependencies and packages across all your applications – and updates them automatically for you.

Prioritizes remediation of vulnerabilities

Using an advanced reachability analysis, Mend SCA generates a call graph to determine if your code reaches vulnerable functions, so you can prioritize remediation based on actual risk.

Ensure license compliance

Mend SCA also maps your dependencies to over 2,700 licenses in our database, giving you an accurate risk assessment per license.

Export your SBOM with ease

Export your SBOM in NTIA-compliant formats such as SPDX and CycloneDX.

Research Report – ESG Report: Optimizing
Application Security Effectiveness

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