Mend Renovate Community


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GitHub Enterprise app support

Install as an integrated app on, GitHub Enterprise Server or GitLab.

Real-time webhook handling

Includes a webhook listener to detect repository events and trigger immediate Renovate jobs.

Stateful priority queue

Mend Renovate Community’s job queue is stateful and processes repositories in order of job priority (e.g. webhooks first).

Graceful shutdown & resumption

Mend Renovate Community’s worker process will finish its current job before shutting down, and resume processing the job queue after it restarts.

Embedded job scheduler

Mend Renovate Community includes its own scheduler module to queue up repositories at configurable intervals.

Job history log

A table of completed jobs is saved to the database for easy administrator reference.

With Mend Renovate Community, you get –

Job scheduler


Automated dependency updates

Merge confidence ratings

Repo integrations

Mend Renovate Community currently supports Bitbucket Data Center,, GitHub Enterprise Server and GitLab repositories. If you need to run Renovate against a different repository, see the other Mend Renovate Family options.

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