Application Security - Defend Your Codebase

Defend your code base.
Deploy on time.

In an app-driven world, your application security program must do more than check the boxes.

Rapid scalability — and everybody’s on board makes application security nearly invisible to developers, with integrations that keep them working in the tools and contexts they know best. Earn developer trust with solutions that help devs across your organization prioritize without false positives, while automatically remediating vulnerabilities.

With centralized deployment, it’s fast and easy to get started, whether you’re onboarding 10 or 10,000 developers.

80% Reduction

95%+ Developer

Scale to 10k+
Devs in Days

“One of our most indicative KPIs is the amount of time for us to remediate vulnerabilities and also the amount of time developers spend fixing vulnerabilities in our code base, which has reduced significantly. We’re talking about at least 80% reduction in time.”

“Working with Mend has been the right decision. When we have the right set of recommendations, we feel more secure. Mend has been able to scale to our needs. It’s been able to scale to the ecosystems that we want to cover. Overall it’s been a great decision.”

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Don’t fear the fire drill

The call comes in at 2 am:
Do you know if the company apps could be exploited by this new CVE?

For some companies, that means weeks or months of tracking down dependencies and figuring out what to patch first. Others are forced to divert crucial developer resources to an emergency response.

And all the while, threat actors have access to these unpatched weak spots.

With, new critical vulnerabilities can be discovered organization wide in under an hour. In fact, many of our customers used’s automated remediation to completely fix Log4j in their applications in hours, not weeks.

“In less than one hour, we knew we had a complete list of all libraries that contained Log4j. After that, contacting each project owner to notify them of a mandatory action was easy. Without Mend, it would have taken us at least a week or two just to find all the Log4j libraries.“

Hugo Tessier,
DevSecOps Specialist, CAE

Modern AppSec starts in the repository

See how your AppSec program can benefit from shifting vulnerability detection and remediation left into your repository – whether you’re using Github, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Data Center, Gitlab, or Artifactory.