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Our Mission

AppSec should be necessary, not a necessary evil

We help leading enterprises build mature, proactive AppSec programs

What We Believe:
There is no one tool to rule them all.

Your dev teams and security teams need to work together to effectively lower application risk – which means reconciling very different priorities.

Dev teams want to hit their cycle deadlines. Security teams want to stay on top of an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities.

And forcing both sides to use the same AppSec tool makes nobody happy. You end up with a never-ending tug-of-war of responsibilities – and an AppSec program stuck in reactive mode.

What We Do:
Support devs and security teams equally – and independently.

At Mend.io, our suite of enterprise-grade AppSec tools gives developers and security teams unique, but complementary, solutions. Because when each side can focus on what really matters, your AppSec program can finally evolve into a mature program that proactively manages application risk.

Meet the team that’s building Mend.io

Rami Sass
Co-Founder & CEO
Amir Halevy
EVP Global Sales
Ilan Sidi
Chief Financial Officer
Maya Rotenberg
Chief Marketing Officer
Vered Shaked
EVP Corporate Development
Yaron Avisror
EVP Engineering
Nir Stern
EVP Product
Galit Gold
Robert Nilsson
EVP Customer Experience

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