AI model risk analysis

Learn how to stay two steps ahead of security risks and vulnerabilities in AI-generated code.

Is using AI to build applications faster worth the risks?

While AI models can save developers precious time and accelerate product release cycles, significantly speeding up the release of products, using it comes with heavy new security considerations:

  • AI models often depend on open source code libraries and packages to create their output, which may potentially introduce more vulnerabilities–especially if the dependencies are not always up to date.
  • Security teams can’t tell what AI models were used for applications development, leaving them blinded to potential security threats tied to these models.
  • AI models come with their own set of licensing concerns that security teams are unable to manage due to blind spots when using AI.
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Gain visibility and control over AI models used in your applications.

Mend AI identifies AI models used in your code base, helping security professionals stay ahead of outdated dependencies and licensing issues.

Identifies AI-generated code

Mend AI discovers which generative AI coding tools are being used in your devs’ workflows to detect AI code snippets within your code base.

Pre-trained model indexing

Mend AI provides comprehensive coverage for all 350k-plus AI models indexed in Hugging Face, so you can quickly see what AI models are being used in your applications.

Protection against outdated dependencies

Mend AI gives you control over AI model dependencies by notifying you of each AI Model’s current version and update information.

Ensures compatibility and compliance

Mend AI surfaces relevant licensing information for companies using AI models for compatibility and compliance issues.

Research Report – ESG Report: Optimizing
Application Security Effectiveness

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