Secure your proprietary code 10x faster

Mend SAST gives you and your developers all the tools you need to help you stay on top of critical vulnerabilities in your source code.

We help leading enterprises build mature, proactive AppSec programs

How Mend SAST helps you stay on top of
vulnerabilities in your proprietary code

Delivering near real-time results

Imagine code security scans that don’t slow your developers down.

Mend SAST delivers results 10x faster than traditional scanners, giving developers immediate feedback directly in their repositories.

This means no waiting, no bottlenecks, just rapid vulnerability identification and fixing.

Data flow consolidation

Mend SAST’s innovative data flow consolidation cuts through the noise, merging related findings into one actionable insight by merging multiple vulnerabilities with a single code change.

This means no more time wasted chasing down individual vulnerabilities. Instead, you can identify the root cause and remediate multiple issues at once, maximizing your impact and saving valuable development time.

Hybrid cloud solution

Mend SAST offers on-premises scanning, which then sends data to be analyzed in the cloud. Giving you peace of mind that your source code never leaves your premises – but with all the speed and flexibility of cloud deployment.

You also have the option to use a dedicated instance – your own cloud server – for scanning.

In-repo guidance

Mend SAST integrates seamlessly into your dev environment, letting your developers tackle security issues instantly without switching contexts.

No more hunting through reports or deciphering jargon. Mend SAST pinpoints the vulnerability’s location, shows its data flow, and provides clear, actionable steps to fix it. Plus, you get on-the-spot education to prevent similar issues in the future.

See Mend SAST in action

Mend SAST data sheet

With Mend SAST, you get –

10x faster results and more accurate results

Advanced reporting and policy capabilities

Holistic view of all vulnerabilities in one platform

Spotlight developer experience

Easy integration with 3rd party tools and platforms

Centralized scan configuration

Stop playing defense against alerts.
Start building a proactive AppSec program.

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