Community Guidelines

Thank you for joining us, and welcome to the Mend & Defend community.

This is a forum for anyone knowledgeable or concerned about matters relating to AppSec and DevSecOps. We discuss our experiences and questions on various software and application topics, including vulnerabilities in open source and custom code, remediation and security solutions, supply chain protection, compliance, and more.

We encourage each member to participate freely and contribute to the conversation. However, to keep this a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, we have compiled a list of guidelines we require our members to follow.

Expectations of Our Community Members

As a community member, we ask you to:

  • Show general respect and courtesy toward all forum members, regardless of their background, status, and demographics, or if their views differ from yours.
  • Check that your question hasn't already been asked on the forum.
  • Visit our FAQ page for product and service information before posting a question.
  • Stay on the topic of discussion, and do not derail the conversation.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Share your opinions, experiences, or resources that will benefit others.

Prohibited Posts and Conduct

For the benefit of all members, we don't allow the following:

  • Comments that discriminate, disrespect, degrade, or offend other members.
  • Profane, indecent, explicit, or suggestive language.
  • Conduct that attacks, abuses, bullies, threatens, intimidates, or harasses others.
  • Divulging any personally-identifying information, whether it is yours or another's.
  • Any form of unlawful activities or promoting illegal actions.
  • Knowingly providing misinformation.
  • Deceiving others, committing fraud, or misrepresenting yourself.
  • Posting any type of unsolicited advertising, self-promotion, or spam.

Reporting Misconduct

While we monitor the forum discussions as far as possible, we may not be aware of all instances of misconduct.

If you encounter any comments or behavior violating the above rules and guidelines, please email

We ask that you contact us directly and don't address the offender or offense in the community forum.

Consequences of Misconduct

The guidelines are in place to protect everyone in the community. Therefore, we follow up on all cases of misconduct and handle them accordingly.

At our discretion, we may issue a warning to the offender or suspend or revoke member privileges.

Furthermore, any posts, links, or resources shared in the forum will be deleted if they contravene these rules and guidelines.

We may delete the offender's Mend account for more serious offenses, and we will contact the relevant authorities in the event of illegal content or conduct.

Terms of Use

  • The discussions in the community forum are not a substitute for primary and objective sources of information or the services of IT professionals and experts in any other field.
  • We strongly advise that you research the validity of the content shared in the forum before making decisions or transactions based on this information.
  • Mend will not be held liable for any direct or indirect consequence, including losses, harm, or damages arising from your participation in the forum or use of its contents.
  • We are not obliged to respond to posts, compensate members, or maintain the confidentiality of the content posted on the forum as it is an open form of communication.
  • The contents of community posts may be reproduced, published, or distributed. This will be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


By signing up with your details and participating in the forum, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above guidelines and terms and conditions.

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