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December 22nd, 2022 by Guy Bar-Gil

Preventing SQL Injections With Python

For Python developers, it is essential to protect your project from potential SQL injection attacks. SQL injection attacks happen when malicious SQL code is embedded into your application, allowing the attacker to indirectly access or modify data in the database. As you’re probably already aware, such an attack can have disastrous consequences, like data theft...

Python Dependency Management
December 22nd, 2022 by Guy Bar-Gil

Asynchronous Programming in Python – Understanding The Essentials

Asynchronous programming in Python is the process of writing concurrent code that runs asynchronously – i.e. doesn’t take place in real-time. Itallows an app instance to execute multiple tasks at the same time, or in parallel. This helps speed up the required processing time because tasks can run simultaneously. Asynchronous programming can be leveraged in...