What is the role of Git submodules?

Asked 8 months ago

So I'm using Git for version control, and I keep hearing about Git submodules. Can someone explain what Git submodules are and their role in a version control workflow?

Filip Dimkovski

Monday, November 06, 2023

In simple terms, Git submodules serve as a mechanism to integrate an external Git repository into another Git repository. They can prove to be highly beneficial when you need to incorporate external code, libraries, or dependencies into your project. The primary repository can specify a particular commit within the submodule repository, ensuring a stable and versioned reference to the external code.

This approach helps maintain a clear separation between your project's codebase and any external components. Git submodules are commonly used for managing libraries or shared codebases that are shared among various projects. However, it's crucial to grasp how submodules function and understand their workflow thoroughly. This knowledge is essential to prevent complications that may arise when updating, cloning, or collaborating on repositories that utilize submodules.

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