What is the difference between an X-CSRF-TOKEN and X-XSRF-TOKEN?

Asked 6 months ago

I was wondering what the main difference is between an X-CSRF-TOKEN and X-XSRF-TOKEN? From what I can tell, both of them are used to help protect against CSRF attacks, but I'm not sure how they differ.

Gavin Clark

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

An X-CSRF-TOKEN is used to verify that a user is authorized to perform an action on a website. For example, if a user is logged in to a site and tries to perform an action that would normally require them to be logged in, the X-CSRF-TOKEN can be used to verify that the user is indeed logged in and authorized to perform the action. An X-XSRF-TOKEN, on the other hand, is used to protect against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. A CSRF attack is when a malicious user tries to trick a victim into performing an action on a website that they did not intend to do. For example, if a malicious user tricks a victim into clicking a link that submits a form on a website, the X-XSRF-TOKEN can be used to verify that the form was actually submitted by the victim and not the malicious user.

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