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Date: March 8, 2023

A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, has been found in SUL1SS_shop. This issue affects some unknown processing of the file application\merch\controller\Order.php. The manipulation of the argument keyword leads to sql injection. The attack may be initiated remotely. The exploit has been disclosed to the public and may be used. This product does not use versioning. This is why information about affected and unaffected releases are unavailable. The associated identifier of this vulnerability is VDB-222599.

Language: PHP

Severity Score

Severity Score

Weakness Type (CWE)

SQL Injection


CVSS v3.1

Base Score:
Attack Vector (AV): NETWORK
Attack Complexity (AC): LOW
Privileges Required (PR): HIGH
User Interaction (UI): NONE
Confidentiality (C): HIGH
Integrity (I): HIGH
Availability (A): HIGH


Base Score:
Access Vector (AV): NETWORK
Access Complexity (AC): LOW
Authentication (AU): MULTIPLE
Confidentiality (C): PARTIAL
Integrity (I): PARTIAL
Availability (A): PARTIAL
Additional information:

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