How to configure and use npm workspaces to manage depedencies in a monorepo project?

Asked 8 months ago

So I'm working on a monorepo project with multiple Node.js packages. How can I configure and use npm workspaces for efficient dependency management across all packages?

Filip Dimkovski

Monday, October 30, 2023

Simply put, npm workspaces simplify monorepo dependency management. Start by adding a workspaces field in your `package.json` file, specifying the directories containing your packages. Then, use the `npm install` command at the root of your monorepo to install dependencies for all packages. npm will symlink internal packages, ensuring they use the same dependencies. To manage package-specific dependencies, update the `package.json` files within individual packages. This setup streamlines development, ensures consistent dependencies, and simplifies updates within your monorepo project.

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