How can I switch between Python versions managed by pyenv on a per-project basis?

Asked 8 months ago

I'm using pyenv to manage Python versions on my system, but I need to switch between Python versions for different projects. How can I set up and manage pyenv on a per-project basis to ensure the right Python version for each project?

Collin Barajas

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Managing Python versions with pyenv on a per-project basis consists of a few main steps.

  1. First, create a `.python-version` file in your project directory and specify the desired Python version.
  2. Then, use the `pyenv local` command within each project directory to set the local Python version.
  3. When you navigate to that project's directory, pyenv will automatically switch to the specified Python version.

This approach keeps your Python environment isolated and allows you to use different Python versions for various projects without conflicts.

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