Renovate is Now Available on GITHUB Marketplace

If you have private repositories on a Personal GitHub plan, then pick the “Personal Plan”. We’ve launched it at a silly $1/month which plenty of people have told me is a mistake, but we wanted to thank early users in a Kickstarter-style way with “opening specials”. The nice thing for you is that these plan prices should be grandfathered in for life by GitHub Marketplace even if one day we’re charging 10x or more the price to new signups.

If you have an Organization account on GitHub then pick the Organization Unlimited plan. Later once we raise prices to “market value” we may differentiate between small orgs and large ones needing “unlimited”, but for now there’s no point differentiating at this price.

Whatever you pay just gets added to your regular GitHub bill.

One quirk for existing users is that after your Marketplace plan selection, GitHub will prompt you to “install” Renovate on repositories again, even if you already have it installed. It seems like you can just select “Cancel” on that page and your existing list of repositories will remain from before.


GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Marketplace currently does not support plans for GitHub Enterprise users. If you are a GitHub Enterprise user who would be interested in an on-prem/self-hosted version of “the app” (e.g. in addition to the existing CLI tool: webhook support, scalable Renovate workers, safe job queueing, log archiving, etc) then please Email Us to be one of our pilot customers for a forthcoming Enterprise Edition of Renovate.


The Transition

We don’t plan to bump anybody off the service in any hurry. Some of our earliest users have been some of our biggest supporters – both in ideas and promoting us on Twitter, etc – so we want to give everyone a chance to sign up at the early prices if they want. And if you really want to support Renovate, hold off until we double those rates next month! (that is not a joke..)

You’ll begin to see some polite messages in PRs to private repos pointing to this blog post soon and receive a countdown warning when we eventually make plans for private repositories mandatory. Anyone on a paid plan will get a thank you confirmation in the footer of PRs to confirm which plan you’re on.

Thanks, and we look forward to supporting you long into the future!

Renovate on GitHub Marketplace

Rhys Arkins / About Author

Rhys Arkins is Vice President of Product Management, responsible for developer solutions at He was the founder of Renovate Bot – an automated tool for software dependency updating, which was acquired by in 2019. Rhys is particularly fond of automation and a firm believer in never sending humans to do a machine’s job.