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Keep your open source components secure and compliant throughout the development lifecycle from inside your environments.

Code Securely Without Slowing Down Development

Mend.io Solution for
Remediating Vulnerabilities

Identifies vulnerable and outdated open source components in your repos and automatically generates Pull Requests (PRs) with a suggested fix. Automated workflows based on vulnerability severity, CVSS score or a new version releases can be defined.

Repo Integration

Detects all open source components in the repos UI, enforces policies automatically and generates inventory, security and compliance reports. It also alerts on vulnerabilities and provides a detailed information including a suggested fix.

IDE Integration

Provides developers with real time information about open source vulnerabilities in their IDE UI, with practical remediation guidance, so they don’t need to switch between applications or wait until committing the code.

Browser Integration

Allows developers to view a snapshot of a component’s details while browsing on web pages such as StackOverflow and Maven Central before downloading the component.

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Open Source Libraries

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the First Step

Get all the information needed while browsing for open source components.

Integrate With Your
IDEs and Repos

Detect problematic components at early stages in the SDLC.

Automate Remediation

Speed up remediation by automatically updating vulnerable and outdated components.

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