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Top 3 open source management stories of 2014

"Open source license infringement makes it to the court A cautionary story on how GPL2 license infringement was used by a company it sued to defend itself. It’s a long and complicated story: at..."

Third Party Libraries: the Swiss Cheese of App Security

Great post by Waratek about minimizing open source risks, “While using third-party or open source libraries is a great time saver, it also exposes organizations to many thousands of lines of...

The Real Cost of Not Managing You Open Source Properly

"How do you think people manage their open source components? In a few weeks we will release an extensive survey we did on the practices of Open Source Software (OSS) usage in software development..."

How R&D Teams Manage Their Open Source

"“Open Source Usage Practices Survey Results Revealed” featuring Rami Sass, CEO of Mend. Everybody is using open source. It is almost impossible today to think of a software project that..."

Is Your Open Source Secure?

"SAVE THE DATE: Free Webinar - Wednesday December 18th at 9:30 a.m. (PST) “Keeping a Closer Eye on Open Source: How and Why” featuring Rami Sass, CEO of Mend Are you increasingly relying..."

Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Open Source?

Most developers today use open source. The benefits are clear: higher productivity, higher quality results. But when improperly managed, much of the value of open source can be erased. Let me...