Secure your application development with AWS and’s strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures that both open source and custom code applications running on AWS are secured using a remediation-first approach for faster and more confident deployments.



Modern applications require modern security

Applications are now a top target for cyberattacks. Application security needs to be fast, accurate, automated, and designed specifically for the cloud.

How We Work Together

AWS CodeBuild’s integration allows customers to automate the scanning of any project using AWS CodeBuild, tapping into the continuous integration pipeline.

AWS CodeCatalyst

Mend SCA, integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst providing vulnerability alerts directly in the Amazon CodeCatalyst user interface. There is no need for developers to log in to a separate security product or learn a new user interface. Developers receive feedback in real time every time they commit their code.
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AWS CodeCommit

Mend’s Renovate automation dependency update solution is integrated with AWS so that users can work directly within the AWS development ecosystem to automatically update dependencies and prevent vulnerabilities in their existing workflows. and AWS deploy cloud applications faster and more securely’s solution is delivered as a SaaS service running on AWS, available on the AWS Marketplace.’s integrations with key AWS services simplify app security, making it easier for customers to manage their responsibilities as part of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. empowers your developers to deliver with speed and confidence, accelerating the deployment of cloud-based apps across your organization and driving business value.

Strategic Collaboration

End-to-end cloud security solutions that empower customers to build without boundaries integrates seamlessly with existing AWS DevOps environment and CI/CD pipeline

Expedites development and deployment of applications on AWS

All-in Application Security and AWS provide security solutions that meet the needs of open source and custom code builds reduces the software attack surface by as much as 90 percent

Reduces security alerts by as much as 85 percent, minimizing and prioritizing alerts

Remediation-first Approach’s automated remediation security platform seamlessly integrates into AWS environments so customers can develop and deliver secure software fast.

Decreases time spent on remediation by up to 80 percent

Mitigates the cybersecurity skills gap with’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use platform


Integrated application security

One intuitive interface for across open source and custom code optimizes efficiency and convenience.


Our next-generation SAST product detects custom code flaws 10x faster than traditional SAST products. It seamlessly integrates with software developers’ existing workflow and development environments, so they can easily trigger security tests when they need them the most — when they’re writing code.


We are the software composition analysis (SCA) market leader. From identification of open source components (including transitive dependencies) to automated remediation, we provide the most accurate and most developer-friendly product on the market. Use open source freely and fearlessly without compromising on security or agility.

MENDSupply Chain Defender

Software supply chain attacks are on the rise. We block malicious open source software before your developers can download it. Prevent typosquatting attacks, ATO attacks, Makefile pollution, Bitcoin mining, and other forms of malicious activity.

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How and AWS work together

AWS/ Solution Brief
Learn more about securing your application development with AWS and

Mend SCA for CodeCatalyst
Learn how you can maximize the benefits of using with AWS.

AWS/ Fireside Chat
Discover what a good AppSec program should look like and the best practices to implement it.

AWS/ Integrations
Mend Renovate Integrates with AWS CodeCommit and CodeBuild to simplify Dependency Management

Case Studies

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