Accelerating Secure Software Development at Scale

Mend SCA for Bitbucket Cloud Integration

Secure Your Applications With the Gold Standard in Open Source Protection

Building with open source makes development easier – but the vulnerabilities, malicious packages, and license compliance risks introduced by open source components can make securing your applications hard.

For organizations using Bitbucket Cloud, there’s no better place to identify and remediate open source risk than in your repository. Mend SCA deploys rapidly to all your developers, using the same Bitbucket Cloud UI they already use every day.

With, you can:

  • Remediate faster: reduce MTTR by 80 percent
  • Find and patch zero-days in hours, not weeks
  • Scale to >10,000 devs in < 1 week
  • Attain near-100% developer adoption
  • Enforce security and license compliance policies

Mend Seamlessly Integrates Security in Your Repository

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