How can I set up GitLab CI/CD to automatically build and deploy a Dockerized Python application on every code push?

Asked 5 months ago

I want to automate the build and deployment process for my Dockerized Python application using GitLab CI/CD. How can I configure GitLab CI/CD to build and deploy my app on every code push?

Collin Barajas

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Automating a Dockerized Python app is relatively easy. Go over the steps below:

  1. Start by creating a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file in your repository to define the CI/CD pipeline changes.
  2. Configure the stages for building the Docker image, testing the application, and deploying it.
  3. Then, use GitLab I/CD variables to store sensitive information like Docker Hub credentials or API keys securely. You can also set up a GitLab Runner to execute the CI/CD pipeline jobs.
  4. Finally, use GitLab CI/CD triggers or webhooks to automatically start the pipeline on code pushes or merge requests.

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