How to share a common environment for team members in Python?

Asked 5 months ago

My Python development team wants to share a consistent development environment. How can we set up and share a common environment for team members working on Python projects?

Delmar Reyes

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

To ensure a consistent development environment in Python, consider using virtual environments. Start by creating a virtual environment for your project using tools like `virtualenv` or `venv`. Then, share the project requirements in a "requirements.txt" file or use a tool like `pipenv` to manage the dependencies. Of course, version control this file along with your codebase to ensure everyone installs the same packages.

You can also use containerization with Docker to encapsulate the development environment entirely. With Docker, you can define the environment in a Dockerfile, which makes it easy for team members to spin up consistent environments across different machines.

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