Ruby Bundler Support in Renovate

Bundler support in Renovate is now ready for testing!

We’re being conservative and classifying it as “alpha” support for now, but we think it’s likely to go through beta -> GA pretty fast.


How it works

Ruby Bundler support works pretty similarly to existing languages/package managers. For details see the relevant docs on


Testing it during Alpha

Because we consider it pre-GA, Bundler support is not enabled by default, meaning Renovate won’t start discovering Gemfiles unless you tell it to.

If you’re using the hosted Renovate App, then either:

  • If your repository contains non-Bundler package files and is already detected by Renovate, add "bundler": { "enabled": true } to your existing config, OR
  • If your repository has only Bundler files and is not getting onboarded, then you can manually add the above to config to a renovate.json file in master branch, OR
  • Contact to ask that we manually enable onboarding for this repo

If you’re using the CLI tool, make sure you have Bundler installed before you run, and enable Bundler support either in your bot’s config (e.g. conig.js) or per-repository.


Known Limitations and Future Features

  1. Renovate doesn’t yet process .gemspec files.
  2. Renovate parses Gemfile using JS and therefore doesn’t “resolve” any third party files if you reference them
  3. Renovate uses Bundler 2.x to update Gemfile.lock files (it seems to fall back to 1.x correctly though)
  4. “Lock file maintenance” is not yet supported



If you find any problems, please raise an issue in the main Renovate repository. If you’ve tested it successfully, please also let us know via email, Twitter or GitHub if you think it can be promoted to beta or GA stage yet.


Rhys Arkins / About Author

Rhys Arkins is Vice President of Product Management, responsible for developer solutions at He was the founder of Renovate Bot – an automated tool for software dependency updating, which was acquired by in 2019. Rhys is particularly fond of automation and a firm believer in never sending humans to do a machine’s job.