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Best Practice: Repository Integration

Choosing where to deploy SCA scans can have a major impact on the success of your AppSec program. You can boost the value of Mend SCA by scanning in your repositories.

Benefits of scanning in the repository

Accelerate remediation: data shows that customers using repository scanning fix 3x as many vulnerabilities 74% faster than customers using pipeline scans alone.
Shift left: Fix vulnerabilities earlier and cheaper than scanning in the pipeline.
Scale deployment:’s repository integrations can scale out in days to 10,000+ developers.
Central enforcement: Ensure developers’ adoption by requiring scans on commit.
No context switching: Developers can scan and fix without leaving the repository.
Automated fixes: Streamline remediation with automated pull requests.

The Benefits of Application Scanning in the Repository

Open-Source Security: The View from the Other Side

Repo Integration FAQs

Get started with a repository integration today

Accelerate your AppSec program and automate your way to faster, smarter fixes with a repository integration. Whether your developers work in GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or Azure DevOps, a repository integration can enhance your protection from vulnerabilities, supply chain attacks, and open source licensing issues.

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