How can I automate Python package publishing to the Python Package Index (PyPI)?

Asked 7 months ago

I want to automate the process of publishing my Python packages to the Python Package Index (PyPI). What's the best way to set up automatic package publishing? Any insights would be helpful, thanks!

Maximillian Gordon

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Automating Python package publishing to PyPI can be achieved by using continuous integration (CI) tools like Travis CI, CircleCI, or GitHub Actions. Start by configuring your CI tool to run on every push to your repository. In the CI/CD pipeline, include the steps to build and test your package.

After a successful build and passing tests, add a deployment step that uses `twine` to publish your package to PyPI. Then, remember to store your PyPI credentials safely as environment variables in your CI/CD tool to maintain project security. With this setup, your package will be automatically published to PyPI whenever changes are pushed to your repository.

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