How can I use the "nm outdated" command to properly identify outdated dependencies?

Asked 7 months ago

In my Node.js project, I want to keep my dependencies up to date and avoid potential security vulnerabilities. I've heard about the "npm outdated" command but I'm not sure how to use it effectively to identify and update outdated dependencies.

Ernesto Cabrera

Monday, December 18, 2023

The `npm outdated` command is a useful tool in Node.js for identifying outdated dependencies in your project. To use it, simply run `npm outdated` in your project's root directory where the `package.json` file is located. This command checks your dependencies against the versions available in the npm registry and displays a list of outdated packages, along with the current, wanted, and latest versions.

The "current" version is the one installed in your project, "wanted" is the maximum version allowed based on your version specifications in `package.json`, and "latest" is the most recent version available. To update your dependencies, you can manually edit `package.json` and run `npm install`, or use `npm update` to update all or specific packages.

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