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Statement from Mend on the U.S. Supreme Court Decision


In light of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs versus Jackson Women’s Healthcare, which nullified the federal right to an abortion, we remain committed to protecting the rights of our employees. The health and well-being of our Mend team members are paramount to all that we do, and we do not take this news lightly. 

Fundamental human rights are women’s rights. In response to the Court’s dangerous and devastating ruling, we have updated and revised our internal policies to better assist our employees to attain proper access and care. We will provide benefits that help cover the cost of travel and other expenses for medical procedures that are not available in an employee’s home state, and we will do this with the care and discretion of privacy.  

At Mend we will always be committed to supporting the women in our organization and the broader community. We believe that everyone deserves the freedom and autonomy to make decisions regarding their health without undue constraint, and we will continue working to provide safe and quality care for all of our Mend employees.

Meet The Author

Rami Sass

Rami Sass is co-founder and CEO of Mend.io, a company that enables organizations to accelerate‌ the development of secure software at ‌scale‌ with automated tools that help bridge the security knowledge gap. Since the company’s founding in 2011, Rami has grown Mend.io from a small Israeli startup to a global business with over 300 employees across several countries and hundreds of enterprise customers including Microsoft and IBM. 

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