How can I distribute my Python library as a Wheel package?

Asked 7 months ago

So I need to distribute my Python library efficiently, and I've heard about Wheel packages. How can I package and distribute my Python library as a Wheel package, and what are the advantages of doing so?

Sergio Calhoun

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Distributing your Python library as a Wheel package offers benefits like faster installation and distribution. To create a Wheel package, use the `setuptools` library to first define your package's metadata and dependencies in the `` script. Then, build the Wheel distribution using `python bdist_wheel`. This generates a `.whl` file in the `dist` directory. Finally, to distribute it, upload the Wheel package to the Python Package Index (PyPI) using `twine`.

pip install twine

Once `twine` is installed, navigate to the `dist` directory containing your `.whl` file and use the following command to upload it to PyPl:

twine upload your_library_name-1.0.0-py3-none-any.whl

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