What strategies can I use to minimize the size of Docker images that include both Python and Node.js components?

Asked 4 months ago

I'm working on a project that involves both Python and Node.js components, and my Docker images are becoming quite large. How can I reduce the size of these Docker images while ensuring both Python and Node.js dependencies are maintained?

Filip Dimkovski

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

To minimize Docker image size with Python and Node.js components, you can employ multi-stage builds, where you use different images for building and running the application. So, consider starting with a larger image during the build phase, install dependencies, and then copy only the necessary artifacts into a smaller base image for runtime. Additionally, consider using Alpine Linux as a base image for its small footprint. You can also remove unnecessary dependencies, prune dependencies after installation, optimize layer caching, and use Docker Compose to ensure component compatibility while keeping image sizes manageable.

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