Easily detect open source issues directly in your IDE!

Integrate your IDE

Addressing security requirements or best practices during development can often slow down developers.

Mend’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Integrations, including support for Visual Studio, IntelliJ, WebStorm, PyCharm and Eclipse IDEs, and Visual Studio Code (Editor), are designed to work seamlessly within the development process, enabling developers to code more productively and securely.


Early Visibility While Coding

Gain immediate visibility about a component’s vulnerabilities as soon as it is added to your code.

Effortless & Seamless Security

Maintain a security-conscious coding experience that doesn’t slow down development.

Simplified & Quick Remediation

Remediate quickly with our suggested fixes for vulnerable libraries to save time solving security issues.

How Does it Work?

When an open-source component is added to a dependency file, it is examined by the Mend plugin or extension.

If vulnerabilities associated with the open source component are detected, including transitive dependencies, Mend will highlight these and offer suggested fixes.

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