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Mend Integrates Secure Code Warrior in its SAST Solution

Integration Empowers Developers with Actionable Secure Coding Guidance

TEL AVIV, Israel and BOSTON, October 24, 2023 – Mend.io, a leader in application security, announced today that it has implemented a technical integration with Secure Code Warrior in its SAST solution. With this integration, developers gain real-time access to educational content that teaches them how to fix security vulnerabilities in their code and how to prevent them in the future. It helps minimize the burden of securing code by integrating security within developers’ existing repository workflow. 

Mend SAST with Secure Code Warrior is fully integrated within the developer code repository, enabling developers to perform security procedures quickly and seamlessly in their native environment. The integration is simple: when a developer commits to the repository, Mend SAST scans the changes for security vulnerabilities. The Secure Code Warrior integration then offers links to learning sessions and videos to educate the developer about each newly introduced security issue and how to fix it.

“Mend.io is dedicated to empowering developers to improve the quality and security of their applications,” said Vered Shaked, Mend.io EVP, Corporate Development. “Secure Code Warrior complements our Mend.io SAST auto remediation to create a holistic experience for developers to get everything they need within their development workflow.” 

Key benefits of Mend SAST with Secure Code Warrior include:

  • Increases developers’ awareness of security vulnerabilities in their code
  • Enables faster identification of vulnerabilities and the knowledge necessary to both fix them and prevent them in future
  • Encourages proactive approach to application security
  • Reduces software-related risk by enabling the rapid resolution of security flaws 
  • Improves the efficiency with which developers can find and address vulnerabilities

Mend SAST focuses on the specific security issues developers introduced with their latest code changes. As a result, developers get only the targeted learning they need to address the security issues that are relevant to them, avoiding both alarm fatigue and irrelevant training content.

“Mend.io’s integration with Secure Code Warrior provides developers with the agile learning and educational experiences to facilitate secure coding practices while simplifying the developer workflow,” said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO at Secure Code Warrior. “Organizations that use Mend SAST with Secure Code Warrior are empowering their developer teams to provide security at scale where it matters most.”

Additional information on the Mend SAST with Secure Code Warrior integration can be found here.

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