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Mend.io and Sysdig Launch Joint Solution for Container Security

Partnership accelerates secure software delivery from development to deployment

TEL AVIV, Israel and BOSTON, May 7– Today at the RSA Conference 2024, Mend.io and Sysdig unveiled a joint solution to help developers, DevOps, and security teams accelerate secure software delivery from development to deployment. The new integration incorporates runtime context from Sysdig with Mend Container to provide users with superior, end-to-end, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation across development and production environments.

“As organizations increasingly use such cloud-native services as containers and Kubernetes, they struggle to keep pace with the high number of detected security issues,” Vered Shaked, EVP of Corporate Development at Mend.io. “Together, Mend.io and Sysdig give organizations struggling with limited time and resources more effective ways to target the remediation of real risk. By providing insights into risk detected at runtime, security teams can prevent and defend with greater confidence.”

“At the end of the day, security needs to protect the organization without slowing down product development, but teams struggle to prioritize due to a lack of runtime context,” said Bryan Smoltz, Vice President of Technology Alliances at Sysdig. “By highlighting the vulnerabilities to prioritize with runtime insights, our collaboration with Mend.io enables users to streamline security and move faster.”

How it Works: Mend.io and Sysdig Integration

Through its vantage point at runtime, Sysdig profiles containers to pinpoint the software packages that are in use vs. those that are not. Armed with these insights, Mend.io enables developers to quickly target the remediation of vulnerabilities and real risk based on runtime exposure and severity. 

Mend Container, when integrated with Mend SCA and Sysdig Runtime Insights API,  incorporates the runtime context of software packages into the Mend SCA product and container scanning results. By providing a view into runtime context, developers and security teams can confirm application deployment and behavior in production and set preferred remediation priorities and scoring. 


About Mend.io

Trusted by the world’s leading companies, including IBM, Google, and Capital One, Mend.io’s enterprise suite of application security tools is designed to help you build and manage a mature, proactive AppSec program.

Mend understands the different AppSec requirements of developers and security teams. Unlike other AppSec solutions that force everyone to use a single tool, Mend helps them work in harmony by giving each team different, but complementary, tools—enabling them to stop chasing vulnerabilities and start proactively managing application risk.

About Sysdig

 In the cloud, every second counts. Attacks move at warp speed, and security teams must protect the business without slowing it down. Sysdig stops cloud attacks in real time, instantly detecting changes in risk with runtime insights and open source Falco. Sysdig, rated #1 for CSPM in the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of a Customer” report, correlates signals across cloud workloads, identities, and services to uncover hidden attack paths and prioritize real risk. From prevention to defense, Sysdig helps enterprises focus on what matters: innovation.

Sysdig. Secure Every Second.

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Mend.io offers an enterprise suite of application security tools designed to help leading organizations build and manage mature AppSec programs, enabling them to stop chasing vulnerabilities and start proactively managing application risk.

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