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Webinar – Tips and Strategies for Cloud-Based Development

Free webinar featuring ProjectLocker, Hosted by WhiteSource: January 28, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. PST

“Best Practices for use of Open Source Libraries in Cloud-based Development”webinar, will take place on January 28, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. PST. The webinar will be hosted by WhiteSource, the leading provider of agile solutions for open source license compliance and security management. Registration is now open.

The webinar will feature Corregan Brown, co- founder at ProjectLocker, a provider of cloud-based development solutions.

Mr. Brown will discuss the benefits and the possibilities cloud-based development offers. According to Gartner, the cloud is changing the way applications are designed, tested and deployed, resulting in a significant shift in application development practices. Cost is one consideration, but the primary reasons are collaboration and agility.

“Cloud development allows software engineers to collaborate in real-time, track changes, and work on multiple branches of a codebase. Working in the cloud, developers can focus on coding and not worry about installing, customizing and upgrading their tools. ProjectLocker Jenkins Hosting provides continuous integration for development teams, shortening build cycles and highlighting issues before they escalate.” said Corregan Brown.

“The ubiquity of open source components for software development has served as a force multiplier on software teams. However, introducing open source libraries places a responsibility on developers to ensure the quality and security of the open source components they use. ProjectLocker and WhiteSource have joined to provide a powerful cloud-based solution for developers that use open source.” added Brown

Webinar participants will learn about best practices for cloud based development and open source management.

“The earlier you catch potential issues in your development process, the easier they are to fix, and the more time and money you save. With ProjectLocker managing your custom code and build, and WhiteSource identifying your security vulnerabilities and ensuring licensing compliance, you can be assured that your project will leave the hands of your development team ready for release and free of both internal and external problems,” said Rami Sass, CEO of WhiteSource.

The webinar agenda will include the following:

  • Cloud-based Development Best Practices
  • Open Source Management Best Practices
  • How to Manage Use of Open Source in a Cloud-based Development Environment

To pre-register for the event, please visit:


About WhiteSource

 WhiteSource is the leading provider of agile solutions for open source license compliance and security management. WhiteSource helps companies of all sizes to fully realize the advantages of open source software while mitigating the legal, business and technical risks.

WhiteSource is very affordable and easy to use — without over-burdening developers. WhiteSource features a dynamic repository of information about open source libraries and their licenses. If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here license risks, compliance requirements, security vulnerabilities, and new versions. The automated service makes it easy to implement best-practice business processes for open source adoption, usage, updates, and ongoing compliance. Founded in 2011, WhiteSource is a privately held company with offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

For more information, visit: https://www.mend.io

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