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WhiteSource Enhances Container Support to Provide Native Integrations for All Top Container Registries

WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and license compliance management, announced today new and expanded support for all of the top five container registries, in addition to providing complete control over Kubernetes container orchestration.

WhiteSource’s Kubernetes Dashboard
WhiteSource’s Kubernetes Dashboard

WhiteSource for Containers now provides native integrations to Docker, Amazon ECR, JFrog Artifactory, Azure Container Registry, and Google Container Registry. This expanded support enables enterprises to track vulnerabilities in file systems, installed packages, image layers, and handled archive files without having to manually download and scan containers or images, saving developers valuable time and allowing them to leverage the power of container technology while continuously securing and enforcing policies in real-time. WhiteSource’s enhanced Kubernetes integration scans the entire Kubernetes cluster and displays the complete status of libraries, images, alerts, vulnerabilities, and licenses.

WhiteSource for Containers offers enterprises using containerized environments a complete solution for managing and securing their open source components throughout the container development lifecycle. It provides comprehensive visibility and control throughout the container development lifecycle with continuous automatic tracking and detection of all open source components in container images and containers, and automatic security and compliance policy enforcement during development and production.

“As container adoption continues to rise, organizations are beginning to understand that containerized environments require their own set of security tools and practices,” said David Habusha, VP Product of WhiteSource. “The expanded support for all top container registries and Kubernetes is another step in our efforts to provide our customers with the tools that they need to ensure comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and control over their containerized environments, covering development, production, and Kubernetes deployments. Now organizations can easily scan and track their container images from inside their registries regardless of the registry that they are using, without compromising on speed or quality.”

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