WhiteSource Now Supports GO language

WhiteSource customers can now manage their open source components of Google’s open source programming language – GO

WhiteSource, a SaaS open source management solution provider, announced today that they have added support for GO, Google’s open source programming language. The decision to implement support for GO was made seeing GO’s growing acceptance and popularity within the open source community. Some big adopters include Dropbox, SoundCloud, Docker, and CloudFlare among others.

“WhiteSource offers its customers a one stop solution for all languages and environments with easy integration that fully automates managing their open source usage” said Rami Sass, WhiteSource CEO and Founder. He added, “Most companies use several programming languages – each has its purpose. However, open source policy and management should apply to all parts of the company’s software. Engineering executives need to manage these from one place, for all teams. Only a solution that offers a wide support can be used for managing open source and enforcing company-wide policy.” WhiteSource supports all popular programming languages like Python, Java, C++, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, C, PHP, Objective-C, npm, Scala, and .NET with the latest being golang.

GO is an open source programming language that is designed to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Because of its highly scalable nature, it has gained a lot of traction from cloud infrastructure companies, which is known to have cumbersome structures. GO is built on the mantra – Do Less. Enable More. “Go can’t do everything. We shouldn’t try. But if we work at it, Go can probably do a few things well. If we select those things carefully, we can lay a foundation on which developers can easily build the solutions and tools they need, and ideally can interoperate with the solutions and tools built by others.” said Google’s Russ Cox, in his opening keynote at Gophercon 2015.


About WhiteSource:

WhiteSource enables engineering executives to build freely on open source by avoiding all possible legal, security, and functional risks. It’s a highly scalable open source management solution that helps companies of all sizes effortlessly manage the use of open source components in their software.

WhiteSource can integrates with build processes to fully automate all its open source management needs including open source components detection, license risk and compliance analysis and policy enforcement along with reporting security vulnerabilities and new version alerts.

WhiteSource is a venture-backed company with offices in Israel, NY and Silicon Valley.

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