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WhiteSource Unveils New Open Source Security Dashboards

 WhiteSource, the leader in continuous open source security and license compliance management, announced today the release of new security dashboards and reports for organizations to track and measure their open source security metrics and KPIs, gaining insights on how their open source security management measures up against others in the industry.

WhiteSource's Security Trends Dashboard
WhiteSource's Security Trends Dashboard

WhiteSource's new Security Trends Dashboard provides organizations with a comprehensive view and analysis of their security posture over time, presenting key KPIs including the number of outstanding open source security vulnerabilities, their severity, average remediation velocity, and the effect of new known vulnerabilities on an organization's apps and projects. These valuable KPIs help organizations assess whether their security posture is improving over time. Users can then compare these trends in different business units, applications, and projects, and report back with comprehensive metrics on the organization's open source security management status.

WhiteSource also added a “How Do We Compare” section to the overall Risk Report. This new section presents users with a birds-eye view of selected measurements of their organization's risk and compliance levels compared to industry standards and allows users to zero in on specific applications. Selected measurements include the percentage of vulnerable libraries, policy violating libraries, and outdated libraries in an organization which is then compared to the overall average calculated from WhiteSource customers. 

As organizations continue to invest resources in their open source management tools and practices, they require advanced reporting capabilities in order to continuously assess their progress and understand where they are successful and where they are lacking.

“Many of our enterprise customers are required to report to management and their board of directors on their organization's security posture and time to vulnerabilities remediation,” says David Habusha, VP of Product at WhiteSource. “The correct KPIs and metrics to measure and assess their open source management status provide them with the tools that they need to evaluate and perfect their open source management strategies and ensure that they are leaders in their industry.”

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