How to Create an Inventory Report Within Minutes?

Open Source Inventory Report

This is one of WhiteSource’s reports – the inventory report. It shows a comprehensive and 100% accurate list of all your open source components with its description, licenses, and occurrences.

We can produce the same list and more for your products within 10 minutes.


WhiteSource integrates with your build tools to become an integral part of your build process and your software development environment. Your first step should be to install the relevant WhiteSource plugin and then run your build.

WhiteSource calculates the checksum for all your components, every time you run a build (even if you run it several times a day) and then compares it with our massive databases to identify your entire open source components without ever scanning your code.

It then pulls the relevant information from our databases, like: licenses, security vulnerability and existence of new version.

Within 10 minutes, you will be able to log in to WhiteSource and get a full analysis of your open source components.

This is WhiteSource’s homepage, which provides a full inventory, license, security and quality analysis of your open source components.

From here we’ll go to reports and click on Inventory report. And that’s all there is to it. One click.

WhiteSource’s inventory report

WhiteSource’s inventory report includes not just the open source components your developers added, but also all dependencies.

Now you can even export it to an excel sheet and send it to a customer, your legal team, potential acquirer or any other relevant party – all it takes is one more click.

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