Mend SCA for Amazon CodeCatalyst

Accelerating secure software development at scale

Mend allows organizations to gain full visibility and control over their open source usage. It runs silently in the background, detecting all open source components in the code, including all transitive dependencies, every time a build is run or a commit has been performed.

Mend’s strategic collaboration with AWS ensures that open source running on AWS is secured using a remediation-first approach for faster and more confident deployments.

The benefit of using Mend in CodeCatalyst

Using the Mend SCA action inside Amazon CodeCatalyst allows you to easily detect security vulnerabilities in your open source code. Once your code has been scanned by the action, you will be able to see a list of vulnerabilities inside the Amazon CodeCatalyst user interface.

Mend application security platform will help your team:

  • Find application vulnerabilities
  • Accelerate remediations
  • Meet development deadlines
  • Prevent supply chain attacks

We cut the time developers spend on security by 80%, freeing them to do what they do best: build great apps.

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