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Application Security Roundtable Discussion

Recent high-profile software supply chain breaches have sharpened the focus on application security. However, as cybersecurity professionals know all too well, concern doesn’t always equate to action. In theory, the rise of DevSecOps best practices that shift responsibility for application security further left should reduce, or outright eliminate, the vulnerabilities that now routinely make it...

AWS-Mend Fireside Chat: Building a Modern AppSec Program

The modern AppSec approach includes strategies and technologies that help teams prioritize. By giving them tools that efficiently identify security vulnerabilities that present the biggest risk, they can address them as quickly as possible. Learn how you can implement these strategies in a fireside chat with the experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Mend....

The Need for Speed: Accelerated AppSec Scanning in Azure DevOps Repos

Until recently, application security testing was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now, enterprises using Azure DevOps Repos can add automated application security testing directly to the repo. This DevSecOps approach combines convenience for developers along with features that security professionals want such as centralized deployment, management and policy enforcement. If your organization uses Azure DevOps, attend this...

Renovate Reaches 10K!

The Renovate open source project for automating dependency update hit some big Github milestones, so we put together a little appreciation for our favorite dependency update bot.

Software Security Challenges & Opportunities in Banking

The banking industry lives and dies by being fast, accurate, and completely dependable. It’s critical that you can detect, identify, and remediate software vulnerabilities as fast as possible, to reinforce application security most effectively. This is particularly vital with open source software that is increasingly prevalent in your sector, where its use continues to grow...