Webinar: Maximizing SAST: A Guide for Developers and Security Specialists

Our experts will guide you through practical strategies to enhance your security posture from configuring SAST tools for optimal performance to fostering a proactive security culture.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Real-world insights: A deep dive into security vulnerabilities detected by SAST and their impact.
  • Maximizing SAST efficiency: Proven techniques for configuring SAST tools to deliver accurate results.
  • Proactive security methodologies: Transitioning from reactive to proactive security measures with SAST.
  • Developer empowerment: Equipping developers with secure coding practices identified through SAST.


  • Chris Lindsey, Application Security Evangelist at Mend.io
  • Sam Quakenbush, VP of Field Engineering at Mend.io