and AWS Webinar: Five Principles of Modern Application Security Programs

Organizations of all kinds are experiencing increasing volumes, frequency and severity of cyberattacks. 71% of IT and security leaders say that their portfolio of applications has become more vulnerable in the last year alone, and cybercrime is expected to cost companies worldwide around $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. To fight this trend, organizations need a resilient AppSec strategy that can reinforce trust, reliability and security when faced with adverse conditions.

In this program, we’ll examine what drives this need, what DevOps can do to strengthen application security, and what are the key principles of effective AppSec programs. You’ll discover:

  • Why cyberattacks on applications and the software supply chain have increased
  • How increased use of open source software, cloud-based services and custom-built applications contributes to the risks
  • The five key principles organizations should follow to optimize their AppSec: Prevention, shifting smart, automation, governance and cultural change


  • Chris Lindsey, Senior Solutions Architect at
  • Marina Novikova, Senior Partner Solution Architect at AWS